How to be Creative and Innovative while Working From Home


Physical presence is by far the best foundation for creativity and innovation. But when it isn’t possible, teams can still up to their game. So much of today’s work revolving around the virtual world and flexible options such as work from home jobs are gaining a huge amount of popularity. If you are looking at work from home options, there cannot be a better time than this. Work from home jobs can be found in a number of small to large companies, and there are various roles for these kinds of jobs.

Allowing or requiring employees to leave the workplace was clearly the right thing to do when the pandemic arrived, and for many companies, it will remain the right thing for some time to protect the health of their people. Google, acknowledging the likely timing of vaccine development and distribution, recently extended its voluntary WFH policy until July 2021. Some closings are imperative for public health. But employers who have a choice should keep in mind that the costs of WFH are high and may not be obvious.

One big one was that, at work, my mind was in a certain zone with certain people at home, it moved into another zone, with another set of people. Now, here I was, expected to juggle both roles, both sets of tasks and, most importantly, both person. As the two worlds, I had otherwise moved between seamlessly went to war with each other.

Eventually, some steps can be followed to avoid the clash of our world. As both worlds are important to us.

Proper management of time: The first step is to acknowledge reality and work around it. One should get into the zone “to work. By way of analogy, at work when place but the routine of a man who knows how to regain focus. One should acknowledge it and begins to quickly work out but it will take to get him back to where he went to be. It sounds easy, but it isn’t. most of us respond to altered circumstances by complaining, getting distracted or frustrated, losing interest and wasting time. It took a few rounds of conversation with everyone at home to ensure that I was left alone at certain hours.

Prioritize your Work: Make a list of your work on the basis of priority. According to that manage your work and resources which are required to accomplish the task efficiently.

Go for smart work: Once at work, avoid all types of apps notifications from mobile phones. Keep all the required things like a calculator, pen, pencil, laptop, water bottle, etc. So that you can work without any distractions. You will work efficiently by sitting in an isolated room. Family members also understand why you are in the room. By this, you can focus on your work.

While at work ”if are distracting through, task or hyperlink encroaches, you can make a quick of it on any of these tools. they have a plugins that can be embedded directly in your browser. When they remind you later, it may turn out that what had seemed urgent and riveting, was actually trivial. The mind likes to play tricks.  It’s up to us to keep up.

Companies adopting large-scale indefinite work-from-home policies will certainly save some money—an important consideration now—and they may get along just fine for quite a while.


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